Our Foundation

Grishko is the foundation for each and every dancer achieving the pinnacle of their performance. We are forever bonded to the art being expressed in dance and to elevating the world’s most elegant art form: ballet. Grishko is the first name in ballet and is respected worldwide as a leading brand without peer.

  • Each Grishko pointe shoe is handcrafted in Russia by the finest cobblers in the world.

  • Every pair of Grishko pointe shoes is balanced on it's platform by a cobbler before leaving the factory.

  • Dancers who do achieve the pinnacle of success use Grishko because Grishko truly is the highest-quality pointe shoe available in the world.

In 1988, shortly after President Mikhail Gorbachev fostered the development of private enterprise in the USSR, Nikolay Grishko, a talented businessman with a passion for ballet, founded Grishko, Ltd., with the objective of building a global business in products for the ballet enthusiast. At that time, Russian hand-made pointe shoes, known globally to be of the finest quality, were not generally available to dancers outside of Russia.  Realizing this need and the business opportunity, Mr. Grishko built upon Russia’s preeminence in ballet to create a global business in the manufacture and distribution of the highest quality pointe shoes and other ballet gear. Grishko pointe shoes are known as being of the finest quality and are market leaders throughout the international ballet world.

In 1989, Irina Wilson, a former ballet dancer and serial entrepreneur, worked closely with Nikolay to introduce Grishko shoes to the American ballet market. Through Irina’s tireless efforts, extraordinary customer service and a large network of fine retail shops dedicated to serving the ballet enthusiast, Grishko has become the premier ballet brand in the United States.